Posted by: bfelicetty82 | March 21, 2011


Jules and I woke up this morning a little before 6am and listened.  What we didn’t want to hear was silence– this meant that we would likely not be going anywhere on my last day in Haiti.  What we did hear was the honk of horns and traffic rumbling along the streets outside the lodge.  Bonjou Haiti!  If people are back on the streets, we can be on the streets.  Why would be be listening for traffic at 6am? Everything here in Haiti starts early…. the streets are bustling at the crack of dawn, which is normally around 5 30am.  The sun glaring down at you by 6am.

We’ve got a big day ahead of us, as we are going to try and make up for lost time yesterday.  On tap:

  • a trip to the orphanage where Julie recently placed a restivik– aka street kid (nearly half of the orphans in Haiti have at least one parent alive.  This kind of orphan is known as a restavik– their parents have abandoned them for social or economic reasons… oftentimes they are given to the orphanage directly, as they see the quality of life there as being above what they could provide)
  • visit to the new land to see how the roofing job is getting on
  • if we have time, we’re headed into the heart of PAP to visit an ironworks shop that also does fantastic artwork

It looks as though the flights are on for today, but we’re going to have someone check on our behalf in the meantime.  Anything could change at a moment’s notice.  Should we get the green light, we’ll be at the airport by 2pm– Julie is headed over to the UK for a film premiere that is featuring REBUILDERS, and I’m headed back home– with a ton of follow ups in my head and just as heavy a load of REBUILDERS in my luggage.

I’ll let you know how the day goes.




  1. Ever read something and can hear the authors voice?
    Keep up the good work

    • Thanks tdub! Glad you found it interesting.

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